Altruism is Contagious

Here in my own hometown, research has been done on group dynamics to show that people who act in the interest of everyone can, over time, influence others to do the same and eventually the whole group benefits.

Christopher Hitchens vs. Todd Friel on Wretched Radio

Gun Nut Parent Not Held Responsible For Killing Child: What happened?

On Saturday, October 25 2008 near Pelham, MA the Westfield Sportsman’s Club held an Antique and Modern Firearms Show at the Eastern States Exposition…. 8 year old Christopher Bizilj, of Ashford, Conn. accidentally shot himself in the head while firing a Micro Uzi at the gun show…

The Banana Man still wants Dawkins

The Meme: Guardian’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel List

Was it a good idea to free Willy (Keiko)?

Saturday is Firefly Day!

I wrote last year about a new Citizen Science program called Firefly Watch. It’s a partnership between the Boston Museum of Science and researchers from Tufts University and Fitchburg State College to track these special summer insects.

A picture can be worth 1000 Words!!!

The crappily Pseudonymous known as Kate has made some changes. Check it out.

a Nadder looking at the bible: The Binding of Isaac & the Confused Angel (Gen 22)


  1. #1 Stephanie Z
    April 11, 2009

    Oh, insects. I mean, they’re cool, but I thought there was a Captain Tightpants marathon I was missing somewhere.

  2. #2 Michael
    April 12, 2009

    Thanks, I’ve just posted part 2 now so anyone who clicks through will have more than the actual translation to look at!

  3. #3 Kate
    April 15, 2009

    Hey, thanks for the link love Greg! Still trying to figure things out but I hope I’m moving in a good direction.