Behind the scenes, a number of us bloggers have been circulating a draft document recently produced by a large research institution regarding the conduct of bloggers who work for that institution. Or, more exactly, regarding the blogging and social networking activities of researchers (or others) who work for that institution. Since this is one of the first such documents, you can bet it will have a strong influence on the nature of science and other areas of research on line in the future.

The source of the document and the research institution has been anonomized (please don’t even try to guess in any public way … that would be very counterproductive and it is not important).

This discussion, using this document as a foil, is a reasonable followup to ScoenceOnline09 session “Hey, You can’t say that!” in North Carolina. The most important outcome of that session was probably the recognition that we needed to have another similar session at the next Science Online conference. So, the discussion surrounding this document will be a useful foil for the development of that presumably upcoming session as well.

Bora has posted the document on his blog, and invites comments. If you find this topic of interest, please go over there, read it over, and tell the world what you are thinking in the comment section. Your comments will surely become part of the longer-term dialog.