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The Dog

I told you this Obama dog thing was going t be big. Here’s an overview of the situation from NPR. And, you may recall this: Many of you heard the question at President Elect Obama’s first news conference, which was mainly about the economy, regarding what kind of dog the girls would be getting as…

… so, I’m guessing that the “Re-Education Camps” .. also known as AmericCorps … are a good idea. This concern on the part of Wackaloon Congresswoman Bachmann (WCB) is is probably valid, to the extent that AmericCorps is in any way educational. Education is always bad for Republicans. This is why in the late days…

Check it out: Caloplaca obamae

“I discovered the new species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California,” said Kerry Knudsen, the lichen curator in the UCR Herbarium. “I named it Caloplaca obamae to show my appreciation for the president’s support of science and science education.” It’s a lichen

If you carry out illegal on line activities and do so using a proxy to anonomize your activities, the crime could be considered “sophisticated” and thus a higher form of felony. A key vote Wednesday on new federal sentencing guidelines would classify the use of proxies as evidence of “sophistication,” increasing sentences by about 25…

What does it mean to be free?

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Mandy the Polar Bear Lady: Suicide?

It is being suggested, according to this article (which was pointed to by this blogger), that the woman who leaped into the Berlin Zoo polar bear enclosure a couple of days ago was seeking her own death, having become depressed over her job situation. She was an out of work teacher. It has also been…

Michele Bachmann Running Scared?

The voice of the Republican Party appears to be unable to converse. Originaly from Dusty Trice, via the D.B. web site.

A perfect ethnography of you.

Yes, you peep. If you are reading this u r totes pwned. (Below the fold because it contains mondo offensive language, you fu#^g b#@tard d*&chbag.)

More Pirate Activity

Over the last several hours pirates have attacked a US freighter on the way to Mombasa (carrying humanitarian aid). These pirates did not use the usual method of operation. Rather, they ran at the ship with guns blazing and fired rocket propelled grenades right away. The bridge of the ship was apparently badly damaged but…

Facebook users have lower overall grades than non-users, according to a survey of college students who also ironically said the social networking site does not interfere with studying. source