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Opposite Marriage is now a Thing.

Opposite Marriage … as a term … is now in the Urban Dictionary.


DO NOT CLICK HERE until you have put your crash helmet on, because the stoopid is going to whack you upside the head so bad your eyeballs are going to spin like a top. And if that was not enough stoopid for you, Jason has more. The horror, the horror …… Linux in Exile has…

The Facebook Song

Kellermann was the head of the troubled Freddie Mac financial institution. He had apparently hanged himself. A few news agencies are reporting it. Some details here.

Norm Coleman: Against Democracy

Norm Coleman has requested a more “leisurely” (as the Star Tribune calls it) schedule for his recount appeal. What is more leisurely? The Coleman team would like oral arguments to begin no sooner than mid-May, and easily later than that. source Clearly, the hypothesis that Norm Coleman is simply playing a delaying game stands, still,…

Nature Carnival Deadlines

Upcoming nature web carnival deadlines are nicely summarized here. Please attend to these requests for your nature posts.

This is why unions are important and all corporations are inherently evil.

Earth Day!

I remember my first Earth Day, which was also The first Earth Day. There was a big lead up to it. Our teachers had us make poster size drawings appropriate for Earth Day. I have no recollection of what I did. But, I do remember putting an air quality measuring device in my back yard…

Guilty Planet Blog

Jennifer Jacquet of Shifting Baselines has a new blog, called Guilty Planet. Go and have a look, and welcome the new blog to the blogosphere!

Erase Michele Bachmann

… or was that Replace Michele Bachmann…. Anyway, the Replace Michele Bachmann Web Carnival is scheduled for the end of the present week, Friday or Saturday. Please get your posts in! Here is the handy dandy submission form. Thank you very much.