Should Ad Networks Pay Publishers For Stolen Content? The Fair Syndication Consortium Thinks So.

As newspapers and other publishers watch their revenues diminish, one common refrain among them is that maybe they should somehow go after Google or Yahoo for aiding and abetting the destruction of their businesses and sometimes the wholesale theft of their content. We’ve seen how the Associated Press wants to handle this: by aggressively going after anyone who even borrows a headline. Today, a consortium of other publishers including Reuters, the Magazine Publishers of America, and Politico are taking a more measured approach, but one which will no doubt still be controversial. They are forming the Fair Syndication Consortium, which is the brainchild of Attributor, the startup which tracks the reuse of text and images across the Web for many of these same publishers….

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  1. #1 Spiv
    April 24, 2009

    I’m confused by their graph- is that average take for a select group of sites, or a total for everything surveyed? If total, isn’t 15-50 mil cut up between the sheer number of sources, primarily the huge outlets, kind of, well, pocket change?

    I mean don’t get me wrong, nobody likes having their stuff ganked. And getting some financial compensation of any kind would be cool.