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A good day for birds.

This was not an intensive bird watching day. This was a day driving to the cabin, sitting in the cabin writing, looking out the window, driving to run an errand, going to town for dinner, sitting in the cabin looking out the window some more, etc. But the birds insisted on performing. So I thought…

Replace Michele Bachmann

…. The Web Carnival, not the General Feeling We All Have, is up at Quiche Moraine Dot Com. This is a good one. It has videos and everything.

OK, not so new, but still relevant. The following is a repost of a review of this book. New Smithsonian Field Guide Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America by Ted Floyd is a newcomer to the bird field guide scene. This guide offers a new combination of features that may make it…

The Tex-Mex Flu: Current Situation

Here is a brief summary of what we seem to know now.

Maude is Dead

Actress Bea Arthur, who played Edith Bunker’s Cousin (and some other roles on stage, screen, and TV) has died at the age of 86.

Shane Murphy, second-in-command aboard the ship seized by Somali pirates this month, is happy to be home. But he’s not happy to be sharing turf with land-lubber Rush Limbaugh, who politicized the pirate affair by referring to the pirates as “black teenagers.” “It feels great to be home,” said Murphy in an interview with WCBV…

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