1950s Facebook Training Film.



  1. #1 Jason Thibeault
    April 26, 2009

    It’s just plain wrong that this coincides both with my watching tons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and playing Fallout 3 again. The confluence of 1950s stuff is pretty strong.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    April 26, 2009

    Jason: Just get under the desk, and cover your head, until the sirens stop.

  3. #3 Jason Thibeault
    April 26, 2009

    I always wondered what people thought desks would do against a thermonuclear device. Were desks made of lead back then or what?

  4. #4 khan
    April 26, 2009

    I recall ‘duck & cover’.
    Later I did wonder about the nuclear shield properties of those desks.

  5. #5 Stacy
    April 26, 2009

    Too funny! Have you seen this facebook video that ‘explains it all’ ?

    I didn’t understand it before I got a facebook account – now it cracks me up.