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Latest Swine Flu Reports

While it is still true that no deaths have been reported for the new swine flu outside of Mexico, the virus has been identified in additional countries.

Specter to Switch Parties

Republican Sen. Arlen Specter has decided to switch parties and become a Democrat, stunning his GOP colleagues in the Senate while pushing Democrats and President Barack Obama one step closer to unfettered power in Washington. Specter will be the 59th Democratic senator, and if Al Franken eventually pulls out his Senate race in Minnesota, Democrats…

su and sudo howto

A Tale of Two Trips

When I contacted Steve Kelley’s campaign director to arrange a meeting with Steve and Sophie Kelley, I suggested Tuesday. She responded that they had arranged their schedule to meet me on Wednesday. When I read her response, the part that I saw was, “They had arranged their schedule to meet with you at Pizza Nea,…

Gallup has taken on the task of explaining, in ultimate terms, the evolutionarily designed features of the human penis. He works this as an engineering problem from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, which is always a little bit dangerious, but gallup isn’t quite the arm waiver that a lot of other EP’s are, so he…

Take a poll on Linux Distros

This is not a poll crashing thing, this is just a go take a poll thing. Here.

Bohemian Rhapsody Remix (4 geeks)

Using old scanners, disk drives, and stuff, a perfect renditions of a song you probably did not want to hear again: This is lifted from here, where you will find more information. Hat tip: Joe.

Ubuntu 9.04 Released, Is Good.

I have not installed it, but it looks good. Jaunty Jackalope is baed on Kernel 2.6.28-11 and runs Gnome 2.26.1 on 1.6. It boots faster. It supports ext4 ffile system. Here it is.

The basic North American bird book

You’ll notice that I’m reviewing bird books. (Don’t worry, not all will be US based.) Please feel free to chime in with your suggestions and comments. The ultimate bird book for North America has always been two books: both Peterson’s field guides, one for the East, one for the West. Now, the new Peterson Field…

Very funny application error messages are HERE at the Linux Menagerie. My favorite is this one from Windows: Q276304 – Error Message: Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters and Cannot Repeat Any of Your Previous 30689 Passwords But this is a close runner-up: You don’t exist. Go away.