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What happened in April?

April started on the first, as it usually does, and things were a little crazy on the Internet that day. Being April 1st and all. I revived that old joke about the hot head rodents which are basically naked mole rats with electric burners on their heads who live in the Arctic under the ice.

Or, really, it is going to me more like a three way conversation. Maybe we can get Stephanie Zvan involved too, because she’s going to be right there. This is not the official announcement… I expect to get the press release tomorrow and I’ll post it. But I thought some of you would like to…

Michele Bachmann wanted to make sure ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) did not receive any fund related to home foreclosure relief. So she pushed through an amendment in the House Financial Services committee that would disallow funding to any organaztion facing federal indictment for voter fraud. Because she thinks ACORN is facing…

I and the Bird # 99

… the web log carnival about birds … is HERE at Migrations. It’s a good one, go check it out.

Berry Go Round # 16

… the Web Carnival for Plants … is up, and you can find it here.

I have a handful of comments, mostly about how what you are seeing on the news is unimportant, and one comment about why you actually should worry. Within reason. The new Swine Flu has now been verified in nineteen US states, with 141 cases. Technically there is 1 death, but since the young girl who…

Souter Will Retire

US Supreme Court David Souter will retire at the end of the current court term. Amerians: THIS is why we needed to elect a Democrat to office.