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Keller has been one of the leading voices opposing the impact KT boundary extinction hypothesis. According to a press release from her university, she has more on this matter.

Washington DC city council has voted to recognise same-sex marriages conducted in other US states. Because Washington DC is not a state, the decision will now have to be approved by Congress before it can become law. bbc This should be interesting …

Erik Klemetti has an excellent description of the situation here. Redoubt is WSW of Anchorage, Alaska but is otherwise, I think, pretty isolated. Keep an eye on it here and here, via web cam. Good thing someone is keeping an eye on these volcanoes!

We have been discussing the relative quality of support in OpenSource v. proprietary software, and I am reminded of some other issues that we’ve spoken of before. We had a fight here some time back (in November) over the question of Black Boxes in research software (I won the fight), a topic which has been…

First, write a reasonably good thesis. Write a brilliant one if you can manage. Then….

That’s “lesbian” as in “a lesbian person” not a lawyer who specializes in “lesbian law,” whatever that might be.