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The whole world is watching. And it is rather embarrassing.

It’s just too much of a leap! But don’t worry, Texas Educators have it under control. I love the way she says Jump, like with two syllables. Good thing the slack jawed yokels are in charge down in Texas. We would not really want Texans to stop being as stoopid as they’all are, they would…

Global Warming: Not a Problem!

According to Texas Education Expert! She knows because she looked at some web sites!!!!!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!

… according to Texas education experts. Of course, everyone in Texas is a moron. Apparently.

Many years ago, a sudden event occurred that changed everything. Or at least, that is what we think now. But in truth, the event took longer than many today believe, and many of the specific details, the exact order of events, the actual meaning of each detail, are not fully understood. Indeed, in the process…

The press has been reporting that the swine flu is waning, and that it is not as serious as once thought. Well, they’ve got that totally wrong, as usual.

Hunger Pains

Have you ever: … tried to order a BLT at Subway? … been really hungry so your bones stuck out and you passed out now and then? … given someone a sandwich so they could get through the next day? Well, who cares. But do go read my latest post at Quiche Moraine on these…