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The Corgi Dog Story

Under the present circumstances, it is clear that I now have to tell my one Welsh Corgi story. This is about a corgi named Dillon.


Whatever you do, don’t believe Michele Bachmann. Debunking Jesus, and Camp Quest on Atheists Talk #0069, Sunday May 10th 2009 Just in Time for Swine Flu season: Designer Respirator Masks! More on the Merck Maneno: CAM, Anti-Vax loons and the Morons at Merck How should we tax all that carbon?

Hugging Down, Hand Washing Up

About one in 10 Americans have stopped hugging and kissing close friends or relatives because of concerns about swine flu, according to a survey released Friday. About the same number have stopped shaking hands. Health officials have emphasized other measures to prevent spread of the virus, like washing hands and using hand sanitizers. The survey…

Redirecting Output

Sean Powers’ tip of the day: Thank you Sean. now, can we do a better job that Sean did and come up with some actual uses for this ability?

When Your Genes Turn Bad …

Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother’s BoyfriendWhen I first received this book to review, I thought “Oh, great, another one of these pop evolutionary psychology books by some academic with a large mortgage payment” (or words to that effect). But then I read it and my…

Which is Better: Cats or Dogs?

You decide: vs

There is a spirited discussion regarding Minnesota’s own woo vs. sue maneno at Quiche Moraine.