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Most of you already know this, but just in case:

The Joy of Swearing

Why do I enjoy swearing so much? One reason is that I come from a long line of female swearers. My grandmother had no problem swearing, and my mom, a Lutheran minister by trade, was no different. Mom was the only mom and/or minister I knew who swore freely with pleasure and without a sense…

Not all proprietary software is actually evil. However, very few people who prefer proprietary software over OpenSource software will admit how evil it can be. So this is like having two societies. In one, by convention and social norms we don’t hit the kids. In the other, we spank the kids now and then, and…

Spirit could use a push

The Spirit Mars Robot is getting stuck in the dust, but it is still sending back data. But mostly about dust.

Attorneys for Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) have asked the Federal Election Commission for permission to use campaign funds to pay his legal bills stemming from allegations that a Coleman confidante funneled improper payments to the lawmaker via his wife. Coleman and his wife have denied any wrongdoing, but the former CEO of Deep Marine Technology,…

.. according to a recent study… A new study by a team of military law experts asserts that President Obama has the legal authority to end gay discharges through an executive order. The report, “How to End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: A Roadmap of Political, Legal, Regulatory, and Organizational Steps to Equal Treatment,” was sponsored…

How to put on a bra

I think this is how my wife does it. I’m not sure. All I know is that every morning she’s gone and I’m laying somewhere unconscious.

A poll

Has the US reached a tipping point on gay marriage? Go chime in. The results are actually rather disappointing so far. I suspect there is some right wing blog action going on here.

The answer will shock and amaze you.

I always liked Jesse. I didn’t agree with about half of his policies, but I did not have the automated lefty knee jerk reaction against him that almost everyone I know had. Hey, he did after all, beat Norm Coleman in that governor’s race!