Rewriting Comrade Physioprof

… I admit, sometimes I just want to delete the guy. But at least for now, stet wins the day, and instead of erasure I’m calling for some heavy editing.

I recently made this challenge to those poking around at Almost Diamonds that they should have a look at PhysioProf’s non-rules (follow the links above to find them) and if they don’t like the way they are presented, rewrite them.

The challenge does not require the writer to use any particular style. This is not a matter of rewriting CPP to be polite or civil. That is certainly an option, but one can do it any way you want. It is required that you reify at least 12 of CPP’s ‘rules’ in your writeup, allowing you to ignore or jettison three or fewer. That is to make the job easier. Of the 12 or more rules you do rewrite, you can’t disagree with them. You are a ghost writer, not a philosopher or feminist writer. You just have to represent what CPP means but in your own words, and you must do it in a way that you can fairly claim your version to be better.

So read the rules here, and let us have a link back to your post. If you do not have a blog, find a place to do it anyway. You can publish a Google doc page as a blog space on the Google Cloud, use Live Journal, whatever.

The following entry already exist:

Rewriting “The Rules”at lousy canuck.