3 Quarks Daily Blog Awards

The blog 3QD will start to award four annual blog prizes, and the first prize is open for nominations now. I believe nomination will be accepted until midnight on June 1st, so get over there now and enter your choices.

…the first place award will be called the “Top Quark,” and will include a cash prize of one thousand dollars; the second place prize, the “Charm Quark,” will include a cash prize of three hundred dollars; and the third place winner will get the honor of winning the “Strange Quark,” along with two hundred dollars.

Holy crap, they are giving away actual money!!!!

The first 3QD prize will be in the field of …. Science! And the judge for this award will be Steven Pinker.

So, pick your favorite science blog, and if it is mine, go over there and nominate it!

The 3QD Prize in Science, 2009, Judged by Steven Pinker


  1. #1 dan satterfield
    May 28, 2009

    Someone writing a blog has money??- you won’t get me to believe that one!