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Quiche Moraine, the blog by Stephanie, Mike, Ana and Me, with frequent guest posts, has some new stuff and some old stuff I’d like to point out.

This week’s guest post spot is taken by Stephanie herself, as part of the Silence is the Enemy blog swarm:

Legacy of War

Civilization is a necessary casualty of war, and it may be the hardest to rebuild. Civil war makes reestablishing the norms of civilization doubly hard, because there is no physical separation at the end of the war, nothing to say, “That was the battlefield and enemy, there. Here is where the old rules apply, among the people for whom I was fighting.”

Read that post here.

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Mike has continued our “commentary thinly disguised as a resturant review” series with Shish on Grand Avenue, with an interview

of Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Entenza.
Matt recommended the steak kebab, and I took him up on it. Tenderly cooked with Mediterranean spices and set on a bed of saffron rice, it was the best kebab I had eaten in a very, very long time. I highly enjoyed myself. The meal and the food were important but more important was the company. Matt proved to be very good company indeed.

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My latest post could be thought of as the first installment of “South African Memoirs” called “When your field school goes into the toilet”:

Two years ago, I attended my best friend’s wedding. I made the cake. When I got married a year earlier, she was my best man. Last Sunday, a bunch of people were going on and on about my cakes (I make about one every two years but they are very famous and frightfully expensive) and this reminded me of her and the amazing times we’ve had and toilets in Japan.

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