Online comments: An art form

Syl Jones speaks out.

It’s great to be anonymous on the blogosphere. We don’t need no rules, no names, and no real accountability, neither. It’s great. This is just like it was in the Wild West. It’s a virtual democracy. People can vote verbally in this marketplace of ideas. What’s on sale in this marketplace? Mostly rage, I guess, but it comes in all varieties and it’s really, really hot.

Read the rest here at the Strib.

Hat Tip: Analiese Miller, who points out that the comments on Syl’s post are not to be missed.


  1. #1 DuWayne
    June 9, 2009

    Just who the fuck does that jackass think he is – If I weren’t held back by the intertubes, I’da kick his ass!!!

    That was rather amusing – the comments as much as the actual column…