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The best of last June The first dinosaur bones (that we know of) to have been discovered in British Columbia, Canada, are now being reported. These are bones found in 1971, eventually making their way to the Royal British Columbia Museum, and now being reported by V.M. Arbour and M.C. Graves. The bones were initially…

Help Al Franken One More Time!!!!

I just got an email from my close personal friend, Al Franken. Here’s part of it (I cut out the personal smushy stuff): I’ve said it before, and I want to say it again: THANK YOU. We just received word that the Minnesota State Supreme Court has ruled on Norm Coleman’s appeal. I wanted to…

FDA: Limits on Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen dose recommendations will be lowered significantly by the FDA, and some products will be pulled off the market, because of concerns over liver damage. If you look up “Tylenol” on Wikipedia as I write this, you see the following: Indeed. From MSNBC: Despite years of educational campaigns and other federal actions, acetaminophen remains the…

Swine Flu Edumavideo for Kids

Hat Tip It’s Alive

Powerup: 3G by a mile, Palm Pre pwnd Browsing: Palm Pre wins, 3Gs slowest Real World Test: 3Gs broke, Palm Pre wins.

Seconds ago, Norm Coleman announced that he concedes the election to Al Franken. He just called Al a minute ago, and stepped out side his home to thank everyone and make the announcement. It is over.

UPDATE: COLEMAN CONCEDES The Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected a legal challenge by Norm Coleman, thereby leaving the vote count determined by an election contest judicial panel placing Franken in the lead standing. The basis of the Coleman legal challenge is was essentially that all abentee votes shoudl be counted no matter what, because they…

Franken Wins Election to Senate!

After nearly eight months, Al Franken has won the election to the United States Senate. There are indications that Pawlenty will sign the election certificate. I’ll update shortly as soon as I have more information. UPDATE HERE UPDATE UPDATE: COLEMAN CONCEDES

What is the meaning of life?

Science steps in and looks at the processes of nature and shows us how to tease apart the secrets of their workings, slowly and carefully and with missteps along the way. The missteps are readily acknowledged and re-examined. The successes are retested to make sure they closely approximate (within a high confidence interval) the truth.…


Some interesting things for you to red between now and my next post, which will be on lions. Is there a tamiflu resistant strain of the swine flu? Effect Measure discussed this. Bora and PZ are at a conference and they’re blogging it. Here and here. Carnival of Space is here