Are you a nature nerd?

Well, I am, and so is Betsy:

When I was growing up, there were two distinct types of people: the cool people and the nerds. The cool people were the football players, the cheerleaders, and anyone in a rock band. The nerds were the ones who got good grades, wore black rimmed glasses and were much more likely to have a microscope or a telescope at home than they were to have a date on Friday night.

Go visit Betsy’s fairly new blog and get the lowdown on nature nerdiness.


  1. #1 DrA
    July 2, 2009

    A couple of years ago at a scientific meeting a woman tried to tell us that we (biologists) had to make having an interest in science and nature “cooler” to attract more kids into the field. In the question and answer period I asked the audience for a show of hands on the number of people who were actually “cool” during high school and only my friend Paula raised her hand (cheerleader, etc., and still very attractive). Yeah, we were all nerds, although one fellow said he was a hotrod greaser, which is neither nerd nor cool, except in their own minds.