GJ’s Bar and Hangout

…One day Tashina asked to speak to me privately. “Honey, what do you do to get rid of crabs. Crotch crabs. Just tell me what to do and don’t tell anyone we had this little conversation, ‘kay?” I told her what to do.

Later that same day, Ron cornered me alone in the foyer. “Hey, my man, I do dee-claire I gotta bad, bad problem. How does a guy stamp out dem little bugs, dem baby micro-scopical crawdads down in the you know where, if you get my drift?” I told him what to do….

At Quiche Moraine…


  1. #1 Ian
    July 2, 2009

    So if Ron cornered you, why didn’t Hermione? No doubt this will be explored in Harry Potter and the Crab-Scratch Prince opening this month in theaters everywhere….