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Greg is at Connie

The con, as in this con. The convergence con (known as “connie”) is a science fiction convention, and this is the first time I’ve ever been to one. It is just like such things are depicted in the movies and on TV with one minor exception: On TV and in the movies many of the…

Internet Explorer 8: Puke Less

This might be an actual Microsoft ad that was pulled after it upset people. Below the fold because it is …. well, it’s below the fold.

previously reviewed Giant Dinosaurs of the Jurassic is a children’s book for kids in third to fifth grade or, in my opinion, a little younger. Certainly this is an excellent choice, because of the cool illustrations, of a book to read aloud to the pre-literate little ones.

Bullet Recall

Update on “Hitler Kids”

Remember the ice cream cake eating “Hitler kids“? In case you were wondering why you have not heard from them, it could be because the state has a gag order on the whole story. Here is a not very informative update: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

This is not ‘legal’ so don’t do it. Later in the summer it is expected to become a feature.

Security Poll

What is the biggest single threat to your household security? This is the question asked here. So far it looks like a neck and neck race between Squirrels and the Economy with Bunnies coming a close third.

The best of last June Continuing with our discussion of the Evolution 2008 conference, I’d like to relate at least the essence, as I saw it, of an excellent talk by Mark Borrello. I’ve seen Mark speak at least three times including yesterday, and soon after his talk we continued on the topic in a…

Science-based medicine = Big Pharma? You hear it all the time from the peddlers of woo, but it’s rare that they disclose their own profit motives. Analyzed at Almost Diamonds