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The Citizens Jury on Election Recounts is a privately funded entity that has assembled 24 jurors and given them stipends and various resources to evaluate the recount process and make recommendations. The “jurors” are randomly selected regular people.

Stuff you can’t really do in Windows. Sort of but not really.

Gmail is no longer beta

Have you ever noticed that many google servies, like most or all of the google apps including Gmail and Google Docs, are “Beta”? Well, not any more: Like many software products, Google’s Gmail service was first released with a “beta” label on it. In the software industry, a product that is in beta is still…

The Synaptic Cleft Rap

Ion channels, chica. Hat Tip: Virginia Hughes. Who also has something interesting on Coffee.

Raytheon develops STEM tool

Whatever you may think about the Military Industrial Complex, you’ve got to admit that Raytheon does like to give money to edumication and stuff. Or at least, those of you who live in the Greater Boston Area have seen their name on a bunch of projects. I’ve just received notice of a new modeling tool…

And a few words about Michele Bachamann. Oh, and he makes the claim that Dan Quail was brilliant. Brilliant! Man, this guy sure does know how to babble. At least he admits that he is a moron several times. More details and analysis here, at DMB.

Bora Does Zvan

Bora’s ScienceOnline’09: Interview with Stephanie Zvan is now on line. Since Stephanie was mentioned by other interviewees in this series more times than any other blogger, this could be interesting. I will read it as soon as I’m back from an urgent appointment. But you can read it now.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a traveler in Central Africa made mention of some strange people that he had come across. He was traveling among regular, run-of-the-mill natives…probably Bantu-speaking people living in scattered villages and farming for their food. But along the way, strange people came out of the forest. These strange people…