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Yesterday some moron from Missouri made our lives miserable, made thousands of people’s lives miserable, got a passenger in his car minorly mauled and caused a major environmental catastrophe.

The Tabouli Craving

Amanda, who is pregnant, claims to have had no food aversions and she claims to have no food cravings. This makes me laugh.

Al Franken’s Sotomayor Remarks

Al’s First Big Thingie:

Unscientific America Related Items

I was sick Sunday, and I’m a bit off today, so everything is 36 to 48 hours off. So, my review of Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future will be delayed. In the mean time you can have a look at these items: 1) An interesting post by David Dobbs places the current…

Kucinich Kicks Ass

Hat tip: This place

Hail Minnesota

Several inches of hail on the ground in Rice, Minnesota, June 27th 2009.

CNN is supposed to be a professional news outlet. But even the editors and writers at CNN’s Fortune desk are no match for Microsoft’s’ Stupid-Ray Gun. This piece is virtually giddy about the fact that the next version of Microsoft Office will be just like Google Office. Free and on line . Now, think about…

… or is obesity simply Yet Another Risk Factor in severity of this illness? Probably the latter, but health officials seem interested in the developing data. From CTV: … in a report released Friday, health officials detailed the cases of 10 Michigan patients who were very sick from swine flu in late May and early…

So who is getting married now!?!?!?

According to rumors, but rumors from good soures, Skpechick Rebecca and the famous Sid actually went ahead and got married at TAM! Congratulations Skepchick Rebecca and former finance Sid!

Everything I’m about to tell you in this story is true.1 This is a long story, so it may span more than one blog post. You might not want to read this story while you are alone or while sitting in the dark.2