What you might read while waiting for the next installment of A True Ghost Story (which will be posted at the usual time of 13:13:13 Eastern).

On, I recommend the following selections:

James Hrynyshyn pokes into Gaps in Climate Knowledge and how they are ruining it for everyone!

Paul Revere at Effect Measure explores the question of swine flu’s second season. I’m a little surprised we can look at this already, but apparently we can and this is important.

Joshua Rosenau is repeadedly saying the same ting again and again once more in a discussion of a criticism of … Oh, just go read “Do I repeat myself? / Very well then I repeat myself” … it’s more about the reaction to Unscientific America.

And from elsewhere:

Mike at Nature Blog Network has a post on StumbleUpon that you should read, and while you ae there, Stumble it!

From Digital Rabbit: Should corporations bottle air and sell it back to us to breathe?

Bug Girl has got Botflies and Steven Baldwin covered.

And look there is a new Skepchick!

Bing’s first impressions of Japan.


  1. #1 The Science Pundit
    July 17, 2009

    What does Apollo 11 have to do with botflies?