The whole “what is a giant squid really” question is tackled once and for all by Dr. M on Deep Sea News.

Chicks (as in chickens), anorexia, obesity, and ERVs. If you listen to ERV, it is all about ERVs. I suppose that is an occupational hazard of being … ERV.

Evolution and morality
… “Ever since Thomas Henry Huxley’s marvellous book Evolution and Ethics in 1893 (online here; it’s the Prolegomena you really want to read, though), the relationship between evolution and morality has been mooted. Spencer famously wanted to say that morality was just what was normal for a species, while Huxley argued that morality opposes biological evolution… Now a not terribly happy piece by Frankie Schaeffer in the Huffington Post argues that “atheism has stolen Christian morality”. ”