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Yes! And one of the top staff of that department just sent PZ Myers and the Secular Student Alliance a letter warning them to behave on their upcoming trip to the Creation Museum. I hope every single one of those overtly homosexual visiting heathens is armed. With a Flip. I have one I can loan…

Who gets the first flu shots?

It is decided. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has met, ruminated, voted, and now decrees that pregnant women, health care workers, and children over six months old will be vaccinated first. The reason we even need to worry about this is that there will not be nearly enough flu vaccine to go around in…

Florida Cop Nabbed for Dishonesty

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The Transformation of Sarah Palin

Hey man. I confess that did not groove to it, that I did not feel the beat and sense the vibes. But now I do. Hidden. Hidden deep in her sorry salty subtle soul all this time and I did not sense the vibes. Because I could not do the transformation like William. Before (watch…

At this point, I don’t think I’d have a beer with this cop. Also, I have to agree that Obama stuck his foot in it on this one. He may have been right, wrong, whatever, but when this sort of thing happens it is best to stand back and not get directly involved in this…

The Water Cone (makes water)

And you can totally step on it and it’s OK. Read all about it here.

Or, more accurately, of their book Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future … will be found here, in Stephanie Zvan’s latest post at Quiche Moraine.

Blog Carnival Four Stone Hearth #72

.. the Anthropology Blog Carnival, is at A Hot Cup of Joe

In which I explain how Abrahamic religious tradition, ingrained in Western society since before its very history began, explains some of the special ways in which we can be so dumb.

MS + Yahoo = We are Doomed

My own personal experience with Yahoo is a tale of woe.