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The Water Cone (makes water)

And you can totally step on it and it’s OK. Read all about it here.

Or, more accurately, of their book Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future … will be found here, in Stephanie Zvan’s latest post at Quiche Moraine.

Blog Carnival Four Stone Hearth #72

.. the Anthropology Blog Carnival, is at A Hot Cup of Joe

In which I explain how Abrahamic religious tradition, ingrained in Western society since before its very history began, explains some of the special ways in which we can be so dumb.

MS + Yahoo = We are Doomed

My own personal experience with Yahoo is a tale of woe.

According to the following, the person who made the 911 call did not mention race until asked, and even then did not mention “two black males with backpacks.” The two black guys with backpacks seem to have been added in to the police report authored by Police Seargant James Crowley. Specifically, he states that the…

Al Franken on the Supreme Court

Hat Tip: Javier

Blue Gold World Water Wars Movie

We’re screwed. More information here at Digital Rabbit

Europeans laughing at each other: A Swedish couple in search of the isle of Capri drove to Carpi, an industrial town in northern Italy, because they misspelt the name in their car’s GPS. Italian officials say the couple asked at Carpi’s tourist office where they could find Capri’s famous Blue Grotto. … “Capri is an…

Try this logic on for size: “It’s a practical law because the gay community has much higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases. We must take our precautions wisely,” she said. “Even if they lie on the form and say they are straight, everyone’s blood will go through a final screening test for diseases.” What is…