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This is a very fun video to watch for so many reasons …

The practice of growing food and keeping livestock was invented numerous times throughout the world. One ‘center’ of agriculture is said to be the Middle East. Despite the fact that calling the Middle East a “center” in this context is a gross oversimplification, it is true that agriculture was practiced in Anatolia and the Levant…

Carnival of the Elitist Bastards XVI

… is waiting for you at Quiche Moraine.

Good morning and welcome to another installment of “The Falsehoods.” Today’s falsehood is the assertion that the poor have more babies than the rich, or that the poor just have more babies to begin with. In comparison to … whatever.

Funny new ads on Science Blogs

First it was woo. Then it was Russian Brides. And now…..

That’s The Mike, of Tangled Up in Blue Guy, and Quiche Moraine. The title of this post, “Ignorance of how evolution works is amazing to behold. ” is a quote from one of my favorite (recent) posts by TUIB Guy, which is called: The Agony and The Irony. A close second is Logic and Perspective.…

First Tech Support Guy

Enjoy this before it goes away. Embeding may get disabled at any moment. Hat Tip: Lightning Fingers Liz

I’m not entirely sure which of my friends and relatives like the Minnesota State Fair and which don’t. In some cases it is quite clear. If you are my facebook friend, you know that John Funk thinks the State Fair is what Hell would be like, and Stephanie Zvan revels in being a Bad Minnesotan…

“.. here’s the toll free number for the hair club for wizards!..” The wrap-up is totally stolen from Indiana Jones. Sorry about the ads at the end. Hat Tip: Miss Cellania

Ted Kennedy Tribute Video

The DSCC just sent me this nice video: