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Solar energy customers are worried a new fee proposed by Xcel Energy would punish new customers for getting solar panels. The monthly fee, which would pay for distribution and transmission of energy, would go into effect in April 2010 and would have to be paid to Xcel, regardless of whether the solar customer used any…

More on Linux Update (Vs. Windows)

Over at Linux in Exile: Have a look.

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Latest peep research

From Peep Research: We all know that Peeps are light, fluffy, and filled with air. This of course begs the question, “What happens to Peeps in a vacuum?” (Surely you were about to ask the same thing, right?) Details here

btrfs (pronounced as in the title) is the next gen linux file system (you can tell it is a file system because it ends in “fs” which means “File-related stuff.” Valerie Aurora nee Henson gives us “….a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of btrfs on many levels – technical, political, personal – and…

How to get girls

This is the continuation of a discussion of loons, skeptically viewed. I am not skeptical about loons themselves. I know they exist. In fact, I just spent the last half hour watching Mom and Dad loon (whom I cannot tell apart, by the way) feeding Junior I and Junior II (whom I also cannot tell…

Sunday Morning Reading

Read about nine mysterious ape men from around the world. Calculate your water footprint Investigate the errant ways of religious game makers See what happens when an Atheist Responds to a Christian’s Questions