July in review

July was an average month for the blog, perhaps on the lower end of the range in numbers of posts, and at the higher end of the range in number of page views. So, I must have written fewer, but higher quality, posts.

The month started out with SkepchickCon, which was an unmitigated success. I also wrote this post … Musing about skeptical blogging. Thoughts from SkepchickCon … which many read but few commented on. I guess you were scared.

It was at SkepchickCon that I had the idea of writing up my Ghost Story from Kimberley, South africa, which turned into a multi-part post . The first post is here: A true ghost story. Part I: A City of Death and Misery

The best post I wrote this month was actually a rewrite of a prior post and is called The Natural Basis for Inequality of the Sexes.

People got really mad at me about this post in which I explain that Western Culture is flawed, and that in some respects sub Saharan African culture is better: Slaughter a Cow Every 28 Days: How the Bible Ruined Western Society.

But the most controversial post of the month was clearly this one — Cambridge Police: A matter of black and white — in which I made it plain that the Cambridge Cop that busted Skip Gates was a racist. Turns out a lot of people had very good arguments that I was wrong about that, and insisted that I take it back. But then it turned out that I was right, so I told you so bitches.

Russian Mail Order Brides became an issue when I noticed, and alerted others, that they were being advertised on Scienceblogs.

I wrote a handful of posts on science education, science, and society, including:

I complained about coffee shops (The loudness of coffee shops).

The funniest post this month was: The Tabouli Craving

My least understood post was this one: The Futility of … life, learning, and graduate advising in which I noted, as an aside, that I did not think it was OK to put your name on a research paper where you did not do the research or write the paper. A lot of people disagreed with me, and of course, they are totally wrong.

This post caused me the highest dirty looks to nasty comment ratio: Sexism in the lab: Perception and reality mingle

And you helped me name my new book.


  1. #1 Kitty'sBitch
    August 3, 2009

    I still think the only one that really got the Cambridge event right was Larry Willmore on the Daily Show.
    Another fine month under your belt Greg, but don’t get cocky. I’ll be grading you for the entire quarter.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    August 3, 2009

    But you are curving the grades, right? Right?

  3. #3 Kitty'sBitch
    August 3, 2009

    The name is Kitty’sBitch not Greg’sBitch.
    You gotta earn it.