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Is emacs the OS for MSNBC?

Have you noticed that lisp programmers have taken over the formatting of the dummy-notes on MSNBC?

Some interesting reading

Wolves, wolves, wolves(in Washington State, that is)! Apparently the second confirmed wolf pack in Washington State has been radio collared. At least the alpha male has been. The consequences of a wantonly amoral worldview The tragic facts behind the story are this: a disgruntled, profoundly disturbed middle-aged man recently walked into a gym in Pittsburgh…

Safe Drinking Water

Too much of the world lacks access to clean drinking water. Engineer Michael Pritchard did something about it — inventing the portable Lifesaver filter, which can make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds. An amazing demo from TEDGlobal 2009. With cutting-edge nanotech, Michael Pritchard’s Lifesaver water-purification bottle could revolutionize water-delivery systems in disaster-stricken areas…

Do you believe the bible is true?

Hat Tip: The Faithful Penguin

Scientia Pro Publica 9

the science blog carnival with the Latin Name, is now up at Pleiotropy. This is an excellent version of this science blog carnival, and one to not be missed. Especially if you are a lover of Internet blood and gore.

So, I have this friend who lives in the Midwest (nearest large city of consequence is Chicago1), who shall remain nameless (well, she has a name and all but I’m not telling you what it is) who brought up an interesting, not unusual, and sad dilemma.

Today’s Linux One-Liner

Try this: ps -eo user,pcpu,pid,cmd | sort -r -k2 | head -6 What the heck does that do?

Shut up and play yer guitar. –

I and the Bird #106: Four Years Young! Say no more. Just go read it!

US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima

On this day in 1945 … The first atomic bomb has been dropped by a United States aircraft on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. President Harry S Truman, announcing the news from the cruiser, USS Augusta, in the mid-Atlantic, said the device was more than 2,000 times more powerful than the largest bomb used to…