Some interesting reading

Wolves, wolves, wolves(in Washington State, that is)!

Apparently the second confirmed wolf pack in Washington State has been radio collared. At least the alpha male has been.

The consequences of a wantonly amoral worldview

The tragic facts behind the story are this: a disgruntled, profoundly disturbed middle-aged man recently walked into a gym in Pittsburgh and shot thirteen people, killing four of them, and then killed himself.

Hundreds of Iron Age War Dead Found

the sensational new find at Vædebro. Danish colleagues has opened a small trench and found the remains of about 200 people! This is beyond comparison the largest find so far of probable battle dead to whom the sacrificed war booty has belonged.

Another Police Beating, Another Faked Police Report

this time from West Palm Beach, Florida, where cops kicked and punched a suspect, then conspired to change their story to get away with it


  1. #1 Anne Gilbert
    August 7, 2009


    Thanks for mentioning my “wolf news” in your blog. This is much appreciated, especially as I added the topic of wolves recently, after much thought. Glad you enjoyed it enough to mention it. And I will, of course, be adding more from time to time.
    Anne G