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The Carnival of Evolutoin 14 is at Quintessence of Dust. Trees, Plants and More has the Festival of the Trees #38 Carnival of the Blue #27: The Vacation Edition is at Oh, for the love of science.

Hat tip Dusty Trice

An Open Letter to MSNBC

Dear MSNBC Viewer Services, …

Crashing the Town Hall: Links

There is a lot of discussion on the Anti-Health Teabagging Town Hall Crashing. The Field Negro tells is “Its working!” Just Orb asks us to Try to Remember Related: Evolving in Kansas: U.S. Not Tops in Health Care, Only Cost The Lay Scientist is Drowning in Alphabet Soup: The Wider Battle for Health Regulation Is…

I have been consumed with frustration in recent days. The principal cause of this has been industrial action by an assortment of trolls who think that holding strikes for pay in a recession, thus holding commuters to ransom, is a good way to improve public relations. … We commuters are so powerless… Cromercrox writes…

Dear Moderate Christian

I’d like to take a moment to address some of your remarks about how the tactics of “New Atheists” are just too uncivil…. Read the rest at Crowded Head, Cozy Bed

It is happening: CreoZerg Moves In

The CreoZerg (and I’m not entirely sure what a Creo-Zerg is) is underway. PZ Myers and the atheists are moving in to the creation museum. Details here. Twittering here.

OK, there is this blogger named Steve. Steve is of some interest, so let’s see who he is. This is what Steve says this about himself in the about section of his own blog: Though I grew up in Garland, I was born in Irving. And my dad’s biggest bragging point about me is that…