Suggested Reading

Making sense of senses by Virginia Hughes

Many of the most noticeable symptoms of autism involve trouble with the five senses. Sometimes people with the disorder are extremely sensitive — cowering from sudden noises or bright lights, for example, or reacting aggressively to being touched. Others seek out extra sensation, such as through hand flapping….


Gotham Coffeehouses Cracking Down On Laptop Lingering by Joe

With so many of NYC’s unemployed spending their idle time in coffeehouses, hovering for hours over their laptops, shop owners are beginning to put their foot down.


Nephtheid soft corals, a photographer’s delight by BN Sullivan

It is probably safe to say that when most people think of colorful things in the sea, tropical reef fishes come to mind first, followed perhaps by nudibranchs or sea stars. While most reef fishes, nudibranchs and sea stars are not only colorful but beautifully patterned, as a photographer, my favorites among colorful things in the sea are soft corals of the family Nephtheidae — especially those of the genus Dendronephthya. They come in an incredible array of hues and color combinations, ranging from soft pastels to brilliant reds and golds…


Politicians take money away from research by Bjorn Ostman

This editorial in Nature complains that politicians are interfering with the peer-review process of the NIH.


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