The internet can be a nasty place, and it seems that the absolute level of nastiness that people manage to achieve is much greater in this milieu than any other setting I can think of. And I’m thinking of steel-cages and mud pits. But now and then something happens that restores one’s positive view of human nature. I strongly urge you to have a look at “We Don’t Accept Charity, Mister” at Quiche Moraine. You will cry, you will laugh, you will bookmark it. I hope you will comment too.


  1. #1 Chuck
    August 10, 2009

    I’m not in any great financial position right now, but when I am I try to be as generous as I possibly can be. But I came to a decision a long time ago that I don’t give loans to friends and family. I give gifts. If they choose to pay it back that’s their choice, but I don’t expect it, and honestly as cheesy as it may sound I actually hope that they sit on the money and help out someone else later when they’re in a position to do it.

    It is my sincere goal to be in a place someday to be able to do what that unknown benefactor did for Mike. It’s what I’m working toward today.

  2. #2 Andrew
    August 10, 2009

    Chuck: Mike will be happy to hear that!!!

  3. #3 Don in Rochester MN
    August 10, 2009

    “It’s nice to be nice to the nice!” -Maj Burns, M*A*S*H

    Well, that’s what Mike’s story made me think of ;^)

    BTW, Mike should be advised to keep his wallet in his front pocket. It makes it harder to lose, especially from pickpockets, and it prevents “wallet numbing” while driving a car long distances . . . .

  4. #4 khan
    August 10, 2009

    I hope he uses some of the money to repair or replace his pants.

  5. #5 Mike Haubrich
    August 10, 2009

    Khan – I will be replacing those pants!

    I already threw them away.

    Don, good points. It was a bad habit I got into when I was young, and it’s hard to change habits.

    Chuck – I like the way you think. I talked to someone else yesterday who is offering me an opportunity to make a bunch more additional money and then within a year or two not only to pay it back, but to pay it forward.

  6. #6 CosmicLint
    August 11, 2009
  7. #7 CosmicLint
    August 11, 2009

    One other thought (now that I’ve actually read the story): I believe asking for and/or accepting help makes us better souls.