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Upgrading your Computer

Creationism/Evolution blog posts, etc.

The following are links to selected posts on this blog that are related to science education or the evolution-creationism ‘debate.’

Mac vs PC

Writer’s Blog Carnival

Just Write Blog Carnival August 14, 2009 Edition is HERE.

Size matters when it comes to church

A new study making its rounds in Christian media reports that people who attend churches with large congregations have more intense, more conservative, and more fundamentalist-literalist beliefs than Christians who attend small churches I fear this is a bit like the popularity of the grease pushing fast food places vs. the mom and pop diners,…

Today’s Google doodle

What the heck is that thing?????? It turns out that today’s Google Doodle honors the scientist who discovered EMF (although I believe people fight about who really discovered it, where, and when). PZ noted this here.

Taming Twitter with the Command Line

I thought I was done with the command line for the week, but then I did something cool that I thought I’d share with you. Linux users only … others will think this is silly … join me below the fold.

Rescue Bing from Japan!

Well, technically, I strongly suspect he does not really want to be rescued, but he does have to go back to school. DON’T MAKE US SEND BILL CLINTON OVER THERE!!!!

I never watch TV or read anything that is not directly related to myre search interests in see dispersal eo-evolution.