I’ve been doing a lot of web carnivals lately, and you may wonder why. The reason: No reason. It just worked out that way. But none of that matters… what I really want to tell you is about Nate’s regular posting on the Nature Blog Network in which he lists all the upcoming deadlines for nature and many science carnivals.

If you are not already, you should be checking the Nature Blog Network on a regular basis, perhaps through their RSS feed.

Also, if you are a Nature Blog Networks blogger, you should be aware of the coming purge. The NBN team writes about it here. This is basically a cleanup operation. Make sure you are displacing the NBN badge, and check now and then to make sure your blog did not get deleted by accident. If it does get deleted, write a flaming hot over the top tirade post about suppression of freedom and stuff. Or, just email them and let them know. Them being the NBN people.