Archives for August 18, 2009

WTF? Favre is a Viking!?!?

It is a Favre Favre Better thing than we have ever done before…. Absolutely Favrtabulous. That’s how Minnesotans are talking today. I hope they stop soon.

Yet another better mouse trap

This time using religion.

Mac vs. PC vs Linux

A One Liner for Stripping Comments

Getting rid of those pesky comments in your all important configuration files.

Ban Guns

… at public rallies and events. For the record, these gun nuts showing up at Town Halls causes my normally middle of the road attitude about gun ownership to shift, one more time, towards enforced gun control. If this requires a change in the constitution, then so be it. Visit for Breaking News, World…

So she can do this. Hat Tip: Alice. Check out Alice’s post to learn about what is actually happening in this video.

“False Pearls before Real Swine”

A falsehood is an incorrect or muddled belief widely enough held to be notable, and possibly dangerous. A falsehood is also a potentially powerful teaching tool. Evolution generally, and human evolution in particular, is loaded with them.

But they can’t, because they don’t freakin’ live in Utah. But I wish they did. Hey, has anyone noticed a marked increase in these drones from Utah in South Minneapolis lately? What do they think they are goig to accomplish there? Anyway: SALT LAKE CITY – The U.S. Census Bureau has told Utah’s elected leaders…