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Religious Bus Driver Suspended in Iowa

A Des Moines bus driver has been suspended for refusing to drive a bus with a pro atheist ad on the outside. The story is here. There is also a poll at that location that you may want to answer. Hat tip Pharyngula.

Minneapolis Tornado Video

That is totally my old neighborhood. A shame to see so many trees down. A good day for people in the roofing business, though. I also think that from now on a basic course in videography should be required of all humans.

OS Stability: The movie

Atheist Meetup Map

Found: The secret map atheists use to find each other for … meetups.

I’ve decided to address the falsehood “An adopted baby is not the biological offspring of the mother” next. That was not my original intention, but for various reasons this is appropriate.

UPDATE: Our sirens are back on, but I don’t see anything. But, down in Minneapolis, I’m seeing the damage to the Electric Fetus. Bricks stripped off the outside wall, and broken windows in front, so they are shut down. The Mayor stopped by a minute ago, apparently. I wonder if they’ll have a sale????? (For…

In the beginning there was cat …

… and I’m not talking about Ceiling Cat. I’m talking about the Linux command cat.

A Love Letter to Louise

There are so many books that changed me and my life for better or worse. I wish I could write long, slavering love letters to all of their authors. I guess I am already, in a way. But, for the sake of space, I will stick with just one: Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh.…


First, I’d like to draw your attention to this post and discussion on falsehoods in Psychology: Biology? You should try Psychology my friend in which DrugMonkey adds to the debate. Dr. Monkey notes “The list of topics that people “know” the answers to about psychology are unending. I tend to limit my conversations around here…

Three very happy years and counting.

Julia is over at her mom’s house this morning, so she called and wished Amanda and me a happy anniversary. So it is confirmed! Today is our anniversary! Happy Anniversary to us!