First, I’d like to draw your attention to this post and discussion on falsehoods in Psychology: Biology? You should try Psychology my friend in which DrugMonkey adds to the debate. Dr. Monkey notes “The list of topics that people “know” the answers to about psychology are unending. I tend to limit my conversations around here to substance use…” I hope he writes a post on this.

Smart Skepchick Rebecca has a post on rape in marriage spurred by recent debate in The Bahamas regarding a law that would make marital rape illegal. Or, more exactly, protests against that law that seem to be happening. Check out: Does Marriage Mean Never Saying “No”?

I happen to think that everyone who does not know about creodonts should. They are extinct, but if they were not, you would definitely know about them. One way to bone up (ha ha) is to read Christopher Taylor’s recent post: “Creodonts”: Carnivores by Association

James Hrynyshyn has a must read post about the politics of heath care reform and climate change denialism. Please check out: What health care and the climate have in common: an enemy

To me, Synethesia is not an abrupt difference in perception, but rather, a normal day to day modality of cognition that in some people (or under some circumstances) is crossed (as in wires crossed). It is really a linguistic phenomenon invading the senses in a way that we notice. But that’s just a feeling I have. It’s how I see it. My nose tells me this is true. Anyway, a Nadder explores the topic: Synesthesia or Ode To Being Human