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Happy Birthday Carr2D2

A few months ago I was contacted by a person I didn’t know (but vaguely knew of) about being on a panel to discuss evolutionary biology and blogging and so on. Her name was Carrie Iwan. In fact, I think that still is her name.

We had a number of professional and pleasant interactions via email, as she organized a fairly large scale affair. Sometimes when you plan an event, all the work is in the planning, and little needs to be done when things are underway … it runs itself. This event, however, required continued and constant attention and Carrie managed a plethora of volunteers and participants and made sure everything came off like it was supposed to and better.

During that time I had the pleasure of actually meeting and getting to know Carrie, as well as her husband Tim, and I have to say it has been a great pleasure to do so. They are people that I want to be friends with, and they haven’t changed their phone number or told me they’ve moved out of town yet, so I think maybe that can happen.

Anyway, today is Carrie’s Birthday. Hey Carrie, someday, when we are REAL friends, I’ll get you an actual present!!! Love you!