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Behe on Bloggingheads

I could just point you to Bloggingheads for this, but it might not be there. In any event, much more fun than Michael Behe on Bloggingheads or anywhere else is THIS POST by ERV telling us about how she is not pregnant. Confused? Just go look at the post and stop complaining.

Well, not really, but if on line CBT takes off, how will we know when they make the switch? Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) seems to be effective when delivered online in real time by a therapist, with benefits maintained over 8 months. This method of delivery could broaden access to CBT in primary care. These…


The first time I saw a star-nosed mole, I did not know such things existed. Somebody should have warned me!!!!! Lake Natron is an amazing place in Tanzania, and is one of the key habitats for the nearly threatened lesser flamingo. And, that threat has increased. Charlie has it. Ethan has a post explaining what…

Simostronomy has the Carnival of Space

Carnival of Space 117 is HERE.

BirdLife International is launching a global bid to try to confirm the continued existence of 47 species of bird that have not been seen for up to 184 years. The list of potentially lost birds is a tantalising mix of species ranging from some inhabiting the least visited places on earth – such as remote…

Latest Roy Zimmerman

A rough guide to your Western Heritage. I like “We’ve all got a birth certificate from Kenya” Hat Tip: Pharyngula

Blog Carnival of the Godless

The Carnival of the Godless for August 23rd is HERE.

Falsehood: Nature maintains balance.

There is a lot of evidence that nature is in balance. An invasive species throws off the balance of nature in a given region by out-competing some similar indigenous form. When something destructive happens there is a return to status quo, eventually. A few cold years are followed by a few warm years, or a…

Danny is probably not going to become a hurricane, but it may cause some wet weather along the East Coast. But, I did want to draw your attention to a fun bit of animated video. Watch the baby ghost hurricane pop out of the left side of the storm: CLICK HERE If you don’t look…

Zuska is writing quite a bit about the Health Care industry, from both a personal and analiticopolitical perspective. You should check out her last few posts on this topic. These are must read posts.