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You know, I think we’ve done a lot of good stuff at Quiche Moraine, but this post by Mike Huabrich is a step beyond and above what we’ve managed so far. Mike visited the recent town hall meeting held by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and provides us with reporting and commentary. Have a look.

Circus of the Spineless Blog Carnival

I am one pissed off m@f$@#ker.

So I’m standing there at the Al Franken booth at the State Fair chatting with a volunteer and this run of the mill Minnesotan working or middle class looking couple comes along and says hi. Another volunteer starts to say “would you like to…” and the woman cuts her off and says “No, we’re AGAINST…

New facial attractiveness study

This one of what women find attractive in men.

New Geological Metaphors

All my thoughts are fault related is looking for some new geological metaphors. Please go help here out. My contributions are below the fold.

Yes, but not necessarily because it is wrong. Some time ago researchers proposed that the modern DNA signal indicated that chimps and humans continued to interbreed long after they split in evolutionary time. A new study refutes this, and as the author states, this new study is more correct because it “simpler and hence more…

August: The Month that Was

August was quite a month for blogging. I wrote a slightly higher than average number of posts (just shy of 300), relatively few of peer reviewed work, but a larger than average number of original pieces (some revised from earlier work). My count of apparent readers and hits has been going up all summer, and…

My Post is Post of the Month!!!!

Go check out Everything Worth Reading, in which a post of mine is dubbed “Post of the Month” … there area LOT of great posts referenced there, so do browse around!

I am now blogging full time so expect about a ten fold increase in posts per day.