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Pat Robertson: “Prayer is not enough”

“You also must rely on Science.”

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A new study using both genetic and cultural data shows that ethnic groups in Central Asia are primarily a sociocultural phenomenon.

Conflict in how to frame animals?

OK, folks, your wisdom is needed. I got an email from Sheril Kirshenbaum asking me to promote a blog post in which she asks for pictures that might be used to illustrate her upcoming book on kissing. I had planned to help her out, and in fact, here I am doing that right now: Please…

Central Asian ethnic groups are more defined by societal rules than ancestry. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Genetics found that overall there are more genetic differences within ethnic groups than between them, indicating that separate ‘ethnic groups’ exist in the mind more than the blood.

The Carnival of Evolution, # 14

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Health Care Can’t Wait

From Health Care Can’t Wait Dot Com

I just received a very cool graphic from my friend and former student who is currently living under the ice at the South Pole. She is very excited about the implications of this graphic.

Today’s falsehood is the idea that individual animals act for the benefit of their own species.

Girls Doing Math

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