The early earth did not have very much free oxygen. Or did it? Chris Rowan: Lots of oxygen on the Archean Earth?

That bastard Charlie Moores is interviewed on Nature Blog Network … Oh, sorry, that’s BUSTARD, not BASTARD. Well, whatever, it is an interesting interview and they to talk about birds.

Walt the Random Librarian is seriously asking for feedback on his Open Access writing strategies.

I love this “I get email” post at Pharyngula, especially since the creationist is a former student of the high school my wife teaches at.

Climate Change – is it for the birds? … some excellent peer reviewed research coverage at Observations of a Nerd.

New Serbian Nature Blog: Dvogled i veslo. If you don’t know Serbian, just look at the pictures, it’s interesting.

New Adirondack Nature Blog: Adirondack Natural History … My old stomping grounds!


  1. #1 kjhaxton
    September 5, 2009

    Just come over from Allochthonous to say that I like these posts, don’t comment on them much but do enjoy being pointed towards reading that I wouldn’t otherwise read 🙂