Archives for September 4, 2009

Hacking Your Kindle

The other day when I was not hacking my kindle, I discovered that it ran on Linux. Or at least, when I went to “status” and typed in 411, the OS details came up and that is what it indicated. So, should I really be impressed buy this?

In many instances, a well thought-out regular expression can convince most non-technical people in the room that you’re a computer genius who’s brain possesses more synapses, forming more bridges and firing more rapidly than anyone’s ever should. Oh this is so true….

Dr. Gruver, I was utterly floored to learn that your school district has expressed (by strong implication) concern over the value and appropriateness of a message from President Obama to the school children of our country.

This is Vilification Tennis Month

Below the fold. Because that’s that’s the law. Probably.

The Health Care Bill Compromise

… is more of a cave in according to Stephanie Zvan. Read her post at Quiche Moraine.

All the kiddies have to wait until September eight, but I’ve obtained a copy of it!!!!