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Cartoons of Muhammad: Yale steps in it.

There is a story written in ancient Chinese documents that goes something like this:

Bill Nye Hates God

Nye ran afoul of the faithful by remarking that it is not true that the moon generates its own light as opposed to reflecting light. This contradicted Genesis 1:16, which says quite clearly (if only Nye bothered to read it) that “God made two great lights — the greater light to govern the day and…

Michele Bachmann on Psychotalk

Fred is about to become a hurricane

Then it will probably veer north, spin down, and by the end of the weekend be a bit wet spot in the middle of nowhere. But, I thought you’d enjoy a picture of this tropical storm itting rignt now closer to West Africa than any other continental region.

A question for my readers

Well, actually, a bunch of questions, and its about fund raising.

I’m an anthropologist and a biologist, so really, I have no problem with the idea of a “placebo effect” in which people become convinced that they are being given an effective treatment and thus, because of that thought in their mind, improve.

Linux to get faster

The next version of the Linux Kernel will be very noticeably faster on computers with limited memory.

The 103rd Story Blogging Carnival is …

A three year old study has resurfaced on the blogosphere with this recent mention on the daily atheist. The study (cited below) is here, and the older commentary is here. Since this is still utterly relevant, I thought I’d make it the subject of a post. I don’t think there is anything in it that…

Claim: Placebos getting more effective

The claim was recently made that Placebos are getting more effective. That would be like water getting less wet. It makes no sense. White Coat Underground dismantled that claim (see that post for the original claim) but I mention it here because Slashdot has now picked up the story. So lookout. Oh, Slashdot, it was…