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Blog Carnival Scientia Pro Publica

… (which means, in ADL, “Science For the People”) … is up and running at Southern Friedd Science.

Atheist Cat Finds Your Prayer Cute…

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Hitler gets mad at Obama

This is really, really funny: Well, actually, it’s not even a little funny… … Well, actually, the punchline is the funniest thing I’ve see yet this year. I can hardly type I’m laughing so hard. Hat Tip Science Lover

Read the following text. As you read it, try to empty your mind. When you encounter grammatical errors or jargon that is impossible to understand, do not try to translate what you are reading. Rather, become one with the obscurity. Read slowly, thoughtlessly, with emptiness of purpose, as though the words were entering your eyes,…

How to stalk your children

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Australian scientologists have proposed that anonymity and criticism be eliminated from the intertubes. According to the scientologists:

The OpenAccess Mashup

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If you are interested in the flu (and you are) I strongly recommend that you carefully read “The end of flu season” at Effect Measure. Here. Check this out: An IT company in Durban, South Africa, was so pissed off at the performance of their ADSL connection that they actually decided to test whether or…

Inside The Leaf

Zoom into a Leafby Weird_Weird_Science Hat Tip Grrrl, and you should GO HERE AND VOTE

Repost Life Science Teachers: Take special note! This is not yet an error in the mainstream press, but there is an error afoot, currently represented in the widely read slashdot, which I imagine will propagate. The purpose of this post is to alert you to this problem and prepare you for the occasion when you…