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Well, we don’t know because the necessary detailed information has not been released. I do not personally know the Caster Semenya story, medically or biologically speaking, but there has been a lot of discussion and apparently wild speculation on this, and I may have a thing or two to help clarify.

The 2-12 project. Gag me.

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New theory on origin of universe and stuff

Well, not really, but it is an excellent refresher on Genesis. Well, not really it’s …. well just watch it:

The last wild Fiji petral specimen collected, an albatross-like bird (as petrels tend to be) that spends much of its time over the open sea, was collected in 1855 fro Gau Island, Fiji. It didn’t really go extinct, because in 1984 one was caught on Gua, photographed, and set free. Subsequently, possible Fiji petrel sightings…

Maddow on Wilson

Her point is, and she’s right, that there really is not any longer a difference between the extremists and the Republicans. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Dusty Pwns Michele Bachmann

Armed and ready, baby!!!! Dusty’s YouTube channel

Let the Post 9/11 World be Over

Joe Wilson is a child of 9/11. When he shouted “Liar” in that crowded theater … the joint session of the House and Senate being addressed by President Obama … he did so as a proud white southern man angry at his country for electing a black liberal president in this time of crisis, that…

Why Vaccinate?

Think back to the last time you had a bad coughing fit. It’s gross, but think about the saliva and the mucus. Think about the last time you threw up. Now imagine all that together, along with gasping for air-and not being able to swallow. And then go read this.