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We even gave him the wave. Hat tip: MCP

Happy Birthday To Gnu

26 years ago, more or less, I was a graduate student and beginning a teaching career, but short of cash. I remember an opportunity arose for me to make some money programming. I thought, “OK, I can make some money in this computer biz, and use that to cover doing what I really want to…

We’ve got to impeach this moron. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Embassy Bomber Killed in Somalia?

One of the senior planners of the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania a few years back is reported killed by US special operations troops in a raid that happened earlier today in Somalia. Here’s a link to a story with some detail, but obviously not caught up yet.

Eve of Destruction

A better version could be found here: Eve Of Destruction (Stereo)

YOU LIE!!!! Once again, Republicans have been caught at their own game. You all know there was a big shindig in DC on September 12th to protest the blackness of our president, the liberalosity of our congress, the intelligence of the new policies such as Cash for Clunkers and Saving the Economy’s Ass and so…

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What is the difference between a “mix” cook and an “ingredient” cook? Mike Haubrich found out the hard way! How Many Cops …does it take to protect a counter-protester from teabaggers? Oh, and to all the future videographers out there: No, it is NOT ok to tip your video camera 90% to get the shot.…

It has been said that civility is an excellent conversation stopper. And it can be, because demanding civility has been a way to control or limit the voice of alterity or the unprivileged. When it comes to Joe Wilson’s now-infamous shouted remark at the joint session, the question arises as to whether the tone or…

“You Lie!!!!!” Commentary by Olbermann

Someone lied. A zillion times.


Get the lowdown on Chagus disease at Digital Rabbit. Is it OK to use Minotaurs to interrogate prisoners? Sea otters vs. fishing in SE Alaska The 96th Carnival of the Liberals Pawlenty called out on false claim that large numbers of undocumented immigrants are using public services.